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Enjoying Nature
Enjoying Nature

Club Events & Challenges

We all love a challenge right? Well at Trails & Fitness we have some exciting events and challenges that will 'rock' your world, including a prize fund to help you achieve your dream race adventure!

Check out the latest details below for more information.



A friendly walk and light exercise with survivors from Success. This monthly meet up is inspiring for all, just email to sign-up!

Success is a fantastic charity set up by Dr. Helen Spoudeas, a leading neuroendocrine specialist, to help enable brighter futures for childhood brain tumour survivors. Their mission is to support and empower survivors and their families through improved rehabilitative care, and to research the unmet needs of brain tumours diagnosed in childhood and to better understand the causes and consequences of brain injury as a result of the tumour and the treatment.


Vertical 1km Everest Challenge - Swains Lane 

Meeting at Parliament Track we will challenge ourselves to the vertical 1km Everest relay challenge. In this fast and furious run 1 member of your relay team will run up and down the 1km route, tagging the next member and so on. You must have 9 team mates to complete the challenge (Everest being 8,849km. Or you can do it with less if you want to run more than once!) 

Refreshments and prizes to be won!!

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Smile of Victory


Trails & Fitness Prize Fund

One of our missions is to promote trails and adventures to the masses, and we want to give something back to you for supporting us. Once a year one member will be awarded a fund towards their dream race adventure, helping to cover the entry fees, kits, transport, and we will also come with them to support and crew on the day! More on this soon!


Education Evening: Seminar

Come along to one of our very special and enlightening educational evenings. At each seminar we host a different guest speaker where they share their stories and answering our burning questions.  Click here to find out more about our next one!

Audiovisual Conference
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