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The great outdoors; from mountains to the sea, rugged paths to paved roads; trails take us on another journey, somewhere more personal. With the connection to nature and the freedom to truly play in the wild, we begin our adventures. ​I believe that playing sports, staying fit and working out is vital to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I decided to create adventure retreats for people looking to rediscover a sense of freedom through fitness within the trail space. With a community focus I want everyone to feel they can play outdoors, connect with nature and start their own adventures.


Together with a specially selected crew we provide regular meet ups in London, bespoke coaching packages, sustainable plans from our shop, exciting challenges and top-quality strength and conditioning programs, that cater to anyone looking to create a healthier lifestyle. So, whether you are 50 and a first timer, or a keen runner looking for their tribe, Trails and Fitness is for you. Our retreats, YouTube videos, meet ups, and community will ensure you never get bored and always have something new to challenge yourself with.


As part of Trails & Fitness we have created a fantastic fund to help one member per year achieve their dream race goals by helping to pay towards the entry fees, kit, travel and, to top it off we will come out to help crew you too! We feel there is a lack of diversity toeing the line in trail events, particularly in the ultra scene, so we want to help make a difference by providing a fund to advocate diversity in ultras and trails to those who never thought it possible to go to one of these incredible races. Click here to find out how to enter!​


Through my own experience and working with different people, I believe one of the keys to a happy life is about 100% living a healthy active lifestyle through nutrition for both mind and body, exercise, adventure, and being part of a community. Together these foundational pillars achieve sustainable long lasting results. ​My work is based entirely on making people feel more comfortable about their bodies through exercise and education. This space has functioned as a safe haven for the community members, no matter what your their age, gender, or fitness background. Join us today to become a part of our ever-growing community.

Join us over on Heylo to be part of the community!


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