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LEVEL 2: 10km 8 Week Training plan

LEVEL 2: 10km 8 Week Training plan


If you have started out running recently and completed your first 10km race with my beginners training plan, this is your next challenge; LEVEL 2!

This plan will be a little more testing but still provide a progressive run up to your race day, allowing you to develop into the brilliant runner you already are. 


This is in a PDF format as before and contains:

  • Designed for people that want to take the next level up from a beginner
  • 4x Runs per week
  • 1x Strength and Conditioning per week
  • 8 weeks in length
  • Mary's top tips page to help you suceed
  • Terminology page describing each type of run
  • Pace chart 


By purchasing this training plan you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.


Let's go!

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