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Vertical 1km Challenge: Everest

Information and Sign-up

A fantastic opportunity to test your hill skills! If you haven't heard about the vertical K, you're about to. The vertical kilometer was invented in 1994 by the Skyrunning Founders, and has been growing in popularity in recent years. They are often refered to as VK races. These runs are short and very steep, and must have at least 1000m of elevation under a 5km route. The most well known route is Fully in Switzerland; it passes through vineyards then gets to business climbing directly up an old funicular route.

Although London is relatively flat in comparison to the likes of the Alps, this short sharp route will still have your heart beating and thighs aching. Meeting outside Parliament Track on Hampstead Heath in your relay groups, you will have one person run up and down the route, tagging the next person to do the same. The route must be completed 9 times in order to run the height of Everest! You can do this individually if you're up for a mega challenge (good luck), or in teams of up to 9 members. 

Important Details:

Meeting point: Parliament Track, use:

Time: 09:30am

Date: Saturday 27th May 2023

Cost: £25 

Sign up required

Refreshments available, and prizes for winning team/individual 

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