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Trails & Fitness

By Mary Marshall

"Making the Impossible Accessible"

Welcome to the home of trail run coaching and adventure trips. Mary provides exciting tours that offer a unique experience for individuals seeking adventure, self-discovery, and a newfound appreciation for the great outdoors. Connect with your inner child and explore in ways you never thought possible.

"Empowered people, Empower people."

Trails & Fitness is more than just a company - it is a movement. My dream is to create a global community of individuals who are dedicated to exploring the outdoors, challenging themselves, and finding their own sense of adventure. 

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Adventure Trip: BALI

​The Luxury One


10 Days

8th - 18th Mar 2025

15 places available

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Image by Toomas Tartes


Adventure Trip: NEPAL

​The Adventurous One


15 Days

6th Oct - 20th Oct 2025

13 Spaces available

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