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Run Coaching with Mary Marshall

Coaching: £95 per month

Are you ready to take your running to the next level? Look no further! As an experienced trail and ultra run coach, I specialize in working with beginners and intermediate level runners who are looking to find their feet and explore longer distances. Whether you're starting from scratch or wanting to up the ante in your running journey, I am here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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How Does it Work?

I am a certified endurance coach through UK Athletics, and what sets me apart as a trail run and ultra run coach is my unique coaching style, which combines my formal training and personal experiences. I am not only knowledgeable about the technical aspects of running, but I also understand the mental and emotional challenges that runners face. My passion for coaching and sharing my knowledge shines through in every interaction, making your running journey an inspiring and fulfilling experience.

Start by filling in my coaching form by clicking "Let's Get Started". I will be in touch to arrange a short consultation where we can discuss your goals in more detail. You will be sent a Final Surge request along with your "Welcome Pack", and I will create your bespoke plan. 

Are you ready to lace up and embark on an unforgettable running adventure? Let's work together and unlock your full running potential. Get in touch today to start your personalised training program and take the first step towards achieving your trail run and ultra run goals.

Let's Take a Closer Look

Personalised Plans

1. Personalised Training Plans: I understand that every runner is unique, which is why I create personalised training plans tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you're aiming for your first 5km trail run or training for an ultra-distance race, I'll design a plan that pushes your boundaries while still being achievable and enjoyable. All Plans are delivered on Final Surge App.

Catch Ups

2. Catch Ups: I believe in the value of regular communication. We will have regular catch-ups to discuss your progress, address any concerns or questions, and make adjustments to your training plan as needed. This ensures that we stay connected and work together to achieve your running goals.


4. Mindset Coaching: Running is as much mental as it is physical. I will guide you through mindset coaching techniques to help you overcome obstacles, build mental resilience, and develop a positive and confident mindset that propels you toward success.


5. Nutrition Advice: Fueling your body with the right nutrients is crucial for optimal performance. I will provide you with personalized nutrition advice and guidance, helping you make informed choices about your diet and fueling strategies during training and races.

Kit Recommendation

6. Kit Recommendations: As a seasoned trail run and ultra run coach, I have tested and tried various running gear and equipment. I'll share my expertise and provide you with recommendations on the best shoes, clothing, gear, and accessories to enhance your comfort and performance on the trails.

Race Strategy

7. Race Strategy Planning: Whether it's your first trail run or an ultra-distance race, I will assist you in creating a race strategy tailored to your strengths and goals. From pacing to fueling to mental strategies, we'll work together to ensure that you approach your races with confidence and maximize your chances of success.

Brand Discounts

8. Brand Discounts: Through my extensive network and industry connections, I'm able to offer exclusive discounts on running gear and equipment from selected brands. These discounts help you access quality gear at affordable prices, supporting you on your running journey.

Jan, UK

"Mary has provided me with all the tools I need to run. I started from zero, and I am now on my way to completing my first UTMB World Series race at the grand age of 64. She has given me confidence and together we have proved that age is just a number." 


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