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Mary's YouTube Workouts

Your online training buddy!

You can choose your specific plan and join the community or simply follow along with my weekly YouTube workouts. Whether you are a seasoned runner in need of a quick fix, and easy to follow strength and conditioning workouts or, you are simply looking for an "at home" exercise routine, my YouTube videos will help you on your way to your fitness goals and running PB's. 

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15 min Intensive Abs.png

15 Mins Six Pack Workout

Six pack workout! This is one of my most requested workouts. A full body burn concentrating mainly on the abs, ending with our glutes and legs for a complete workout experience, this one is a sure fire way of getting you to your next PB and ready for race day.


10 Min Super Squat Challenge

Let's get started with a banger and get those glutes fired up, our legs ready to rumble and our heart rates pumped. This is a quick 10 minute booty buster and perfect for adding as an activation within a workout set, or as part of a complete body session.

10 min (1).png

10 Day Ab Challenge

Let's get fit for life! A 10 day Power programme, perfect to add to a morning or evening routine. You can revisit this any time and even go back to the start and do it all over again making it a 20 or even 30 day ab challenge! (Each video is around 10 mins long.)

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